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Welcome to Where Science & Spirituality Meet, the website of Deborah Gair.
Here you can learn all about Quantum-Touch & the Universal Life Force Energy.

Deborah has been practicing and teaching Quantum-Touch for more than 20 years, since helping introduce it to the UK, Europe and India. As a qualified Quantum-Touch Instructor, Instructor Trainer, Ambassador and Liaison, she teaches world-wide. Deborah is committed to promoting greater awareness of Quantum-Touch as a powerful, Universal Life Force Energy healing modality, that anyone and everyone can easily learn.



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“Where science, psychology and philosophy end, spirituality begins.”

Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi

What is Quantum-Touch?

Quantum-Touch is a way to cultivate Life Force Energy, a Universal vibration of love and well-being. This Life Force Energy can be used to boost the immune system, balance emotions, and relieve stress. It can enhance well-being, and help others as well : family, friends, or pets. It is possible to feel a difference from learning Quantum-Touch techniques, right away. The online Mini-Class provided below is the perfect introduction to the world of energy healing, and the infinite possibilities of Quantum-Touch. This Mini-Class with Deborah offers a sample of what a full Quantum-Touch Workshop can offer and will give you an immediate experience of how to cultivate energy in only two hours.


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