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The Science & Spirituality of Quantum-Touch & The Life Force Energy

13 Quantum Shifting Discoveries

Quantum shift with Deborah as she shares 13 key moments of awakening realisations – from a life-changing car crash, to the world of Science – and her eventual opening to the limitless possibilities of Quantum-Touch healing.

1. Non-Physical Reality

“Looking for a physical explanation of mind is a fool’s venture. It’s like dissecting a piano in order to find the concerto hidden inside.” ~ Lyall Watson

The first awareness was of dark, formless, timeless beyond-spaciousness, a kind of oblivion, which I was aware of only because the light of seeing, of witnessing, spontaneously appeared, seemingly in front and below. Contained within that first projection of light, was an unmoving picture-postcard scene. There was a character in the image, who was as yet unnamed, unknown, with no idea at all. She was sitting there, still and alone, maybe age 3. Then, sporadically, came movement, animation, and the sound of gravelly sand, scraping on the ground.

Deborah’s Discovery:

Our origin is not of physical form.

2. The One Mind

“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

From time to time in those early years there were flashes of vague imagery, then more clear and consistent flashes, apparently linear in nature. One such memory/picture was of being in a cupboard, in the dark, again sitting in solitude. The pages of a book were turning, and there was learning of the alphabet, as taught through the ease of telepathy – by a light-form.

Deborah’s Discovery:

We are not an individual mind.

3. Our True Nature

“Everything is made of light – we are made of light, and the universe is a light show on a grand scale.” ~ Fred Alan Wolf

After school each day, there was a pull towards the hidden cocoon of trees, which nature had crafted into a leafy green cavern just for “me.” Still with no idea of an identity, yet sitting alone on a stump, nature would automatically attune, blend and commune with “me.” All was luminous, ethereal, playful and in perfect harmony.

Deborah’s Discovery:

Our True Nature is that of perfect quiescence and utter contentment in simplicity.

4. False Identification

But then the time came to learn to tell the time and for the first time there was sheer frustration, the cries and tears of a full-blown tantrum! The felt deceit of the lie. Anger at having to conform. The “I” of identification is born.

Deborah’s Discovery:

Identification with what we are NOT is an error, and an energy we entrain to.

5. Sameness

“All earlier systems of physics . . . fell into the error of identifying appearances with reality; they confined their attention to the wall of a cave, without ever being conscious of a deeper reality beyond. The new Quantum theory has shown that we must probe the deeper substratum of reality before we can understand the world of appearance.” ~ Sir James Jeans Referring to Plato’s Cave

Orange “itchy cubes” grew at the school – a plant that when rubbed on the skin brings intense itching, burning and irritation. The bullies would taunt their prey with the cubes all day. Though I was never bullied by them, they targeted my little Indian friend, whose name in Hindi (I found out decades later) was synonymous with Shiva. Apparently they targeted him because of his difference, a difference that I never perceived, for he seemed just the same to me. He showed up at the school for a while, speaking only to me, in garbled, incomprehensible language. Nevertheless, beyond words, we were the best of friends and I stood up for him, and in front of him, lest they hurt him. One day he just wasn’t there anymore. No-one explained anything to me and while out walking after school I fell down a black hole. I was told I was 11 when it happened, that the ground just gave way beneath me amidst some very long grass. Another friend was with me but I later found out that she’d ran off and left me in the dark, deep hole for fear of getting herself into trouble. Regaining consciousness, on my own and with a broken arm, I surmised there was no way to climb out – the hole was many times my little frame. Yet suddenly I was up on the ground, walking home. How could that be?

Deborah’s Discovery:

We are all the same, despite appearances. “Reality” itself is an appearance.

6. Co-creation

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”Nikola Tesla

It often was raining heavily and me and my friend would sit in the porch of her house, just listening to it. Together we concocted and penned a whole storybook that became totally real to us.

Deborah’s Discovery:

We co-create, as instruments, with the Universal expression. In other words, a Power moves and conducts through us.

7. Perception

“Everything material is also mental and everything mental is also material.” ~ David Bohm

Even at age 8, I was noticing what was around me more and more deeply while pondering the nature of things. One day, my Father opened a kitchen cupboard. Glancing up towards it, I saw a number of cans of beans. Pondering for a moment, I asked him… “Dad, are the beans already in the can or are they only there when you open the can and look?” He stopped everything and stared at me. This was the inquiry, or the koan, that apparently led me to Science, attending University for Honours and Masters degrees in the subject.

In microbiology lab in my first year, the professor was teaching everyone about the nature of certain strains of germs. He had the germs growing on petri dishes and was showing them under the microscope. He invited each of us to look. In single file, each looked and confirmed that they saw what he saw and had described. When it came to my turn to look, I didn’t see anything. And no adjustment of the microscope made any difference. I just didn’t see what was supposed to be there. Just to check, as any decent Scientist would, I visited the optician and was told my eyesight was perfect.

Deborah’s Discovery:

We see and perceive differently. Our viewpoint effects our projected “reality”.

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8. Observation

“Our physics right now is incomplete. It cannot deal with a consciousness effecting other physical objects in an experiment. We just don’t know how to deal with it.” ~ Claude Swanson, PhD, MIT Physicist

Unbelievably, I landed my own observation laboratory to prepare my Masters project and thesis. Despite knowing nothing at that time of the Heisenberg principle, I fully realized it for myself during a 6-month-long observational study of my subject in the lab. Basically, what happens when you simply observe, is that you collapse the wave function. You have a new reality. In other words, the very fact of observation alters the observer – and the observed.

Deborah’s Discovery:

Consciousness effects matter. The paradigm of science is therefore limited.

9. Going Beyond

“We know that there is an ever-changing variety of phenomena appearing to our senses. Yet we believe that ultimately it should be possible to trace them back somehow to some single principle.” ~ Werner Heisenberg.

In 1996, whilst working as a Scientist, and just before getting into the car to travel to a meeting, I intuited multiple times, a still, small, inner-voice that advised against it. Aware of the communication, I got into the car to travel to work anyway. Thirty minutes later, I had hit an unseen, unknown, gigantic object that was inadvertently “parked” across the motorway, in the early-morning darkness of Autumn.

The collision was head-on, catastrophic, and, after five cars had hit me from behind, was a scene of absolute catastrophic calamity. Again, this place of Witnessing, apparently from above, occurred. Spontaneously. Despite the drama unfolding below with police, screaming sirens, flames, ambulances, fire-crew, helicopters and all, from my birds-eye view, all I was was supreme spaciousness, untouched, unaffected by anything. There was no time, no thoughts, no urgency, and certainly no pain nor suffering possible. Just profound stillness, perfect peace and expansion, total clarity – well beyond any confine of a body, a mind, an identity, of any concepts or conditioning.

It was the “real” ME, the real reality of True Seeing. It was a 360° to the beginning state that I described in Discovery 1 (above) – of No-Self, Witnessing – but yet it marked the seeming start of an ardous journey into the realization of the limitation of conventional medicine.

Deborah’s Discovery:

Science is seen through. There is something beyond.

10. Unlimited Mind

“For silly reasons we’ve left energetics out of our medicine. When we ignore energy we miss 99 percent of reality.” ~ Dr James Oschman

Six years of pain and suffering later, multiple medications, and more injections than I care to remember, and nothing was working. Unable to move my neck barely a few millimetres, I consulted with a new doctor, a very slight Indian man. As I walked into the room, he didn’t even look at me, he just remained focused on his paperwork. Nor did he examine me or ask me anything.  He simply said “It’s all in your mind.”  That’s it.  My recollection is that I left that room offended, insulted, infuriated. He thinks I’m making it up! Boy, I didn’t know then what a blessing he had bestowed. This doctor was really a sort of “Guru” – one who strikes a hammer blow to the ego. He was eliminating the darkness of the ignorance of mistaken identity. He simply told me The Truth.  So if it was “all in my mind,” then where in my mind was it? There’s a famous story of Dattatreya’s Guru. He had 24 of them! Dattatreya shows us that, with the correct attitude, everything in front of us can show us something of incredible value and set us free from wherever we’re stuck. I had certainly exhausted the conventional medical approach, intuiting that there just had to be something more.

Deborah’s Discovery:

Conventional Medicine has its limitations.

11. God Shock

“I think that energy, and the use of energy in healing, will be the biggest frontier in medicine over the next decade.” ~ Dr Mehmet Oz 

Within one week of my primal-scream to the Universe, Quantum-Touch mysteriously appeared and I experienced, within my first session, a God-shock. I could fully rotate my neck! I speak of this at length in my YouTube interview with Richard Gordon.  Incredible healing and paradigm-shifting experiences followed while offering The Life Force to myself, others, animals, plants, everything. Quantum-Touch changed my life completely. I was healed and whole!

Have you ever wondered what we really are, what we’re made of? Well, after flying back home from teaching a Quantum-Touch Workshop, I stood in the bath-tub running the energy into my hips – and my legs totally disappeared. I saw through them. There was nothing there yet I was still “standing.” The body itself is not solid. Neither are objects of any kind. While co-teaching a large class with Alain Herriot, suddenly the entire room was awash with light, there were no bodies, just an ocean of eyes and pure consciousness, the pure light of Jnana / Awareness / Singularity.

As Jesus said, “If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light” ~ Matthew 6:22.

Singularity. That’s what we all are, intrinsically.

Deborah’s Discovery:

Truth, Nature, Light.

12. Life Scripts

“Give us this day our daily bread.” ~ Matthew 6:11

Have you ever exercised this Psalm, above, with an experimental attitude?

Well, that’s exactly what I did one day and the only item not charged for on the receipt at the supermarket (it truly was given) was the loaf of bread amidst the shopping!

Have you ever wondered what we’re capable of? What this world actually is? I certainly have.

One day in a very remote part of where I lived there seemed absolutely zero possibility of having my favourite big-brand coffee shop set up business there. Well, the next time I drove past, about a week later, my chin was on the floor, for there it was – as if it had always been there. Going one step further, just as an experiment, I wondered wouldn’t it be nice if there was an Indian restaurant next door to the coffee shop and yes – it happened very quickly and with the perfect name – “Maya” (Illusion!)

The car accident took a long time to fully be seen through, but I must’ve dreamt it since I didn’t see, scientifically, how such a comparatively fragile suit of flesh, with all it’s intricacies, could have possibly survived it. Have you ever stood next to an articulated truck with a 40ft trailer? Today, I did. Tonnes upon tonnes of metal, entirely imposing in its ginormity. Could you ever envisage a relatively tiny meatball, travelling at 70mph surviving impact, fire and explosivity?

I realized that it was only my belief, my ego, my identification that suffered. Not ME.

These days, I am certain that no matter how painful it seemed and how it all appeared, it truly was “all in my mind,” as the Doctor had said, years before. A dream delusion, dreamed illusion.

Deborah’s Discovery:

This is a Dream-World, a Movie.

13. All is Well

“We don’t know the limits of what’s possible.” ~ Richard Gordon

And then there was the tree that took the shape of a Love-Heart after offering it the Heart Energy of Quantum-Touch Level 2.0. 

Deborah’s Discovery:

The Intelligent Cosmic Caretaker, The Mind of God, Where Science and Spirituality Meet!

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