Kind Words & Praise for Quantum-Touch Healing

Quantum-Touch for People … and Pets!

The following before and after footage shows an injured dog’s super-fast recovery after receiving just a short Quantum-Touch Level 1 session from my students (S. Geron). If you would like to learn more about Quantum-Touch Level 1 please click here.

Enjoy reading many more kind words of praise and testimonials from my students below!

The Real Advaita Vedanta

“Great teachings with a great teacher! I feel the real Advaita Vedanta imbued throughout. A truly enlightening and transformational experience.”


“Deborah, Thank you so much for a wonderful time in your workshop. It was great to learn from your experience and moreover from your way of teaching, based on practical exercise and not much theory. I am now able to run energy very quickly – as soon as I start breathing the energy is available. Fantastic! I have started to work on all the family including our dog and cat with confidence.”

W, Switzerland

Deborah Gair transmits a deep wisdom about the nature of everything – with words for the mind, as well as energetically – because she embodies this wisdom. By holding a profound space for the group, each day I experienced deep healings and kept buzzing for days. This, along with the Quantum Touch teachings of life force energy, is priceless! Amazing!

H, Germany

“You are such an amazing teacher! I like to give credit where it’s due and I want to thank you so much for giving me the confidence to practice. I love how you explore and have fun with Quantum Touch, it’s magical! Also I loved our practice sessions – having you there guiding us was amazing, now I feel I can to do it on my own. The whole workshop is exceptional.”

Sarah, UK

Energy Boosting!

I want to thank you for your wonderful Workshop. The incorporation of your personal energy and spirituality into the class is what has really made the difference for me.  You are a being of light and generosity that engages her students in such an effortless manner to the divinity within us and all around us. Thanks to you, I now really feel connected to the divine energy and I feel myself flow with less rigidity, my energy has boosted up and I entirely trust the work I do. Everything has shifted. Immense love and gratitude.

Gaby, USA

“So much Gratitude for the magnificent and magical workshop! How you teach is magnificent, because of the Joy and Love. And your Wisdom and Divine Field made miracles. Lukas could not turn his left arm for 33 YEARS. Now, like pure magic, after a few seconds he recognised that his arm was able to turn, and he could do exercises, that in the past, were not possible. He is now holding weights at the gym!”

lukas, UK

“Learning Quantum Touch through direct experience with Deborah Gair’s profound guidance and immersive meditations, is a gift. With her gentle instruction, what may have seemed difficult or immutable becomes easy and fluid. In all my years of learning energy practices with great teachers, Deborah Gair is one of the most inspirational presences we are blessed to have available to us.”

S, Australia

“I’m so happy to continue my Quantum-Touch journey with you. It feels so natural now, like it’s a part of me. I had relief from my back and neck pain while receiving Quantum-Touch. I realised I had pain in the middle of the back and had a sensation in my spine like vertebrae were adjusting. It was amazing and the pain was GONE. I used Quantum-Touch on clients and it worked so beautifully.”

Claudia, Germany

Our True Nature

“Oh My Goodness! Life is exploding into this whirlpool of endless possibilities. Many dimensional gardens are manifesting and DE manifesting, each one beautiful in its own unique way. What has unfolded is beyond miraculous! I humbly bow to the One who is orchestrating all events in perfection. The Level One Quantum Touch Workshop with Deborah (“Deeya”) was for me like a whirlpool. It stirred up debris, bringing it to the surface and thus revealing it. I have learnt to breathe love into it all! I can fully breathe in love, have it fill my entire being and breathe it out again as an offering back to all of creation. My whole life has changed as the knots of ignorance have been released. With Deeya’s guidance and the safe environment she created with the group this was revealed and released. The lifelong physical sensation of a pinch in the heart has vanished. Like a plug being removed from a dam, the love can now pour forth in full abundance to everyone and everything. Life has become a dance of infinite possibilities and flowing love. With the deepest gratitude I bow to the breath and am now open to where the Universe guides me in the unfoldment of Self, holding a high resonance for others to also realign with their True Nature.”


“Last night while lying in bed, I had energy coming in, working on my spine/scoliosis (I hadn’t sent any conscious intention). My scoliosis improved by I feel 20% and I would say, there is a connection to our Group on Sunday. Thank you so much for showing us the way.”


“Within a minute or so, i could feel the energy. It felt like a lot happened. I had had sciatica for ages. I don’t think I have it NOW though! Thanks very much. I’m a big fan. Feeling very different already!”

Andy, Ireland

“Thank you from all my heart about the wonderful workshop I was privileged to participate in. Your energy, patience, knowledge and love that you have been transmitting to our group are unprecedented. It was a wonderful experience, which I will forever treasure. Thank you.”


Miracle Cancer Healing!

“Dearest Deborah, First of all, I am so thankful for you having asked the group to offer me healing, that was so thoughtful and generous of you. The day after my healing session the grain I had on my forehead, started miraculously shrinking! I have had this grain for 2 years and over the past 4 months it has grown tremendously. I have offered the grain quantum touch myself, but it persisted. Last night it completely dried up and fell off!! I am delighted and so incredibly thankful. Please inform the group of their work (and if you did energy work on me that day, thank you so much). Just as information, the grain I had on my forehead seemed to be malignant and the doctors suggested I get surgery this week. Incredible timing and healing power. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Tons of love your way.”


“You are such a humble healer, Deborah.  I am gobsmacked by all your miracles – yet you say “The Life Force Does All.”

Winnie LEE

“Deborah, thank you so much for the ongoing support and healing that the groups bring. Loads of love.”

Julia & Louie

“It was powerful to intuit energies. I had strong responses and noticed I could sense a whole lot more.”


“The brain stem exercise was amazing! It was as if a bright light was turned on in this area!

 D, Canada


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